Swimming lessons with real attention


These house rules are established to ensure safety, order, peace, and hygiene in the facility, with the

aim of ensuring a pleasant stay for everyone. These house rules apply to all visitors.


  • The facility is accessible to everyone. Children under eight years old are only allowed entry under the supervision of a responsible person, who must be at least 21 years old.
  • Individuals with skin infections, open wounds, or contagious diseases are not allowed entry.
  • Individuals or groups who disrupt the order or peace, or are expected to do so, may be denied access to the facility without giving a reason.


If a swimmer violates any safety or hygiene rules during swimming lessons and the instructor feels uneasy about it, the instructor may dismiss the swimmer from the lesson for the safety of everyone (this lesson will not be reimbursed!).

To cancel a swimming lesson due to safety swimming rules, the regular cancellation policy applies, with a maximum of 30 days to 24 hours in advance.


  • Do you have symptoms of COVID-19? Stay at home and get tested. With a negative result, swimming is allowed again.
  • Stay home if you have impetigo (school sores). Impetigo is highly contagious, especially when there is an open or broken sore.
  • Stay home if you have chickenpox. Chickenpox is contagious, and scratching only leads to more itching.
  • Cover open water warts with a waterproof plaster.STAY IN THE FACILITY

    Every visitor must behave in a manner that ensures order, safety, peace, and hygiene. The following behavioral rules have been established:


Every visitor must behave in a manner that ensures order, safety, peace, and hygiene. The following behavioral rules have been established:

  • Follow the instructions displayed in the facility with the Van der Wal Sport & Swim Academy logo.
  • It is not allowed to enter the swimming area with shoes.
  • Bringing audio equipment is not allowed.
  • Everyone helps to create a pleasant environment by avoiding nuisance and disturbance to others.
  • Leave the facility clean. For example, if you have taken a game from the game bin, please return it neatly to the game bin. Also put the game neatly back in the games bin.


  • Arrive no more than 15 minutes before the swimming lesson.
  • Keep your swimmer and any additional children by your side.
  • When the swimming lesson starts, the instructor will call and swimmers can enter.
  • Watching during the swimming lesson is permitted. Please follow the instructions of the facility.
  • Once your swimmer has finished the lesson and changed clothes, please leave the swimming pool complex as soon as possible.


    • Visiting this facility is at your own risk
    • The management accepts no liability for accidents, theft, and damage to visitors’ belongings.
    • Visitors are required to hand over any found items in the facility to the cashier or swimming instructor.
    • Visitors who cause damage to the property of this facility will be held legally liable.


      • Our staff ensures compliance with these regulations.
      • Visitors are required to immediately follow the instructions of staff members.
      • Depending on the severity of an offense and/or repetition of offenses, access to the facility may be denied indefinitely at the discretion of the management. This at the discretion of management.


      • Leave money, jewelry, and other valuables at home.
      • Be aware of the risks and exercise caution. Despite all precautions taken, certain dangers still exist.
      • If you see someone in trouble, immediately call for help and offer assistance if possible.