Swimming lessons with real attention

Location & Times

Location & Times

De Werf, Klinkerweg 75, Amsterdam Noord.
Tuesday from 16:00 – 19:00
Saturday from 12:00 till 18:30

De Miranda bad, de Mirandalaan 9, Amsterdam Zuid.
Wednesday from 13:30 till 18:00
Thursday from 15:45 till 18:30
Friday from 15:45 till 18:30

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for the Swim ABC program!

At Van der Wal Sports and Swimming Academy, we use the A-B-C diploma from ZwemOnderwijs Nederland. The difference with the regular A-B-C from NRZ or Sep and Sop diplomas is that after obtaining our A diploma, your child can immediately swim in a pool with slides, currents, and play equipment. Your child will feel safe and confident in the water. Survival swimming is taught in addition to the B and C diploma.

After obtaining your swim diplomas, what's next?

More than just swim ABC

At Van der Wal Sports and Swimming Academy, you can obtain your A, B, and C swim diplomas. But did you know that you can also come to us to further improve your swimming technique? In addition to swim ABC, we offer refresher courses and freestyle crawl training. Register now!

Swimming lessons Amsterdam

Ready for personal swimming lessons in Amsterdam? We give swimming lessons in two well-known swimming pools in Amsterdam, namely De Werf and De Miranda Bad. For swimming lessons in Amsterdam Noord, it is best to choose De Werf. For swimming lessons in Amsterdam South, De Miranda Bad is the best option for you. View all opening hours for these swimming pools on this page. Interested in our rates for swimming lessons in Amsterdam? We use different rates for ABC swimming and swimming skills. You can find them on our rates page.