Swimming lessons with real attention

Swimming lessons with a disability

Swimming lessons with a disability

Parent and child swimming lessons with a disability

Welcome to our swimming academy, where we offer specialized swimming lessons for swimmers with mild disabilities who are not yet able to participate in regular swimming lessons. Our goal is to promote self-reliance and guide these swimmers, despite their disabilities, towards achieving an ABC swimming diploma with a disability.

During these unique swimming lessons, parents/guardians play an active role in guiding their swimmer. In our pool, the water depth is a safe maximum of 1.30 meters, allowing the parent/guardian to comfortably stand in the water and support the swimmer during the lessons.

Our groups are intentionally small, with a maximum of 8 swimmers, to provide sufficient personal attention to each swimmer and their parent/guardian. . Together with experienced swimming instructors, we work on developing swimming skills and self-confidence. The swimming instructor provides group instructions and is present at every stage to guide all swimmers and their accompanying adults.

These lessons take place on Saturdays at ‘De Werf’ location in Amsterdam-Noord, in two time slots: 17:30-18:00 and 18:00-18:30. We strive for small groups of a maximum of 8 swimmers (excluding accompanying adults) to ensure personalized attention. We collaborate with the Youth Fund for Sports & Culture Amsterdam to provide financial support to swimmers with disabilities. Please contact us for more information.

Swimming lessons for swimmers with mild disabilities.

In small groups (maximum of 5 children).

Relaxed and cheerful way of learning to swim technically well

At their own pace and in a natural way.

Parent-child swimming lessons with water guidance.

Adapted swimming lessons for autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, ADHD, and TOS.


Registration fee

€ 10.00 per time

6 lessons of 30 minutes

€ 107.10 per package

Swimming diploma/swim test

€ 36.75 per test

The 6 lessons package/card is valid for 9 weeks from the moment of purchase. The 6 lessons will be scheduled at a fixed time and location.

If you are unable to attend a lesson, please cancel it on your personal page 30 days to 24 hours before the scheduled lesson to retain it on the pass.

In case of our closing days, the lesson will not be removed from the card, and the card’s validity will be extended.

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For Swim lessons with disabilities

At Van der Wal Sports and Swimming Academy, we use the A-B-C diploma from ZwemOnderwijs Nederland. The difference with the regular A-B-C from NRZ or Sep and Sop diplomas is that after obtaining our A diploma, your child can immediately swim in a pool with slides, currents, and play equipment. Your child will feel safe and confident in the water. Survival swimming is taught in addition to the B and C diploma.

Swimming lessons Amsterdam

Ready for personal swimming lessons in Amsterdam? We give swimming lessons in two well-known swimming pools in Amsterdam, namely De Werf and De Miranda Bad. For swimming lessons in Amsterdam Noord, it is best to choose De Werf. For swimming lessons in Amsterdam South, De Miranda Bad is the best option for you. View all opening hours for these swimming pools on this page. Interested in our rates for swimming lessons in Amsterdam? We use different rates for ABC swimming and swimming skills. You can find them on our rates page.

At Van der Wal Sport and Swimming Academy, we understand that each disability is unique. Therefore, our swimming lessons are specifically tailored to the individual needs of swimmers with mild disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, ADHD, and TOS. We create a positive and playful environment in which swimmers can learn and grow in a fun way, with the ultimate goal of achieving an ABC swimming diploma with a disability.

Our ultimate goal is to work together with swimmers and their parents/guardians to promote self-reliance and achieve an ABC swimming diploma, overcoming the challenges of their disabilities. At our swimming academy, we believe in inclusion and aim to provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of swimming, regardless of their disabilities.

Contact us today to learn more about our swimming lessons for individuals with mild disabilities. Together, we can work towards self-reliance and achieving an ABC swimming diploma with a disability.